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Virtual and telecommuting Services

accounting serviceYour accounting services no longer have to be tied to a back office Bookkeeper. You can now handle them virtually over the Internet in real and access them, anywhere, anytime. Today’s virtual world allows Taxes Plus LLC to provide high quality customer service and low cost for your accounting and tax service needs. Allow us to telecommute all of your accounting needs. Taxes Plus LLC is at the leading edge of telecommuting accounting and tax services. We are constantly growing and evolving as new technologies appear in order to offer ease and convenience to our clients. This helps make accounting and taxes easier to handle. Whether you are a large corporation or a one man/woman operation we have the telecommuting services that will make your business run smoother. Taxes Plus LLC understands that the needs of each business are unique. We customize our bookkeeping and accounting services to seamlessly integrate them with your business accounting in the most efficient and cost effective way. Taxes Plus LLC will create a custom accounting solution to fit your every business needs.
accounting serviceThe benefits of outsourcing your accounting and tax services can make a great deal of difference in the performance standards of your business, which saves you money and time. You can get back to the more important things like running your business. Taxes Plus LLC is a team of accountants and bookkeepers dedicated to making your accounting process simple and easy. Taxes Plus LLC’s green solution gives you 24 hours a day 7 days a week paperless access to your books, tax, and accounting records. Whether you use QuickBooks, Peachtree, Excel or nothing at all Taxes Plus LLC can handle all of your accounting needs. Taxes Plus LLC’s accounting and tax solutions will make your life much simpler and organized. You will wonder how you ever managed without us. Outsourcing your accounting and taxes with Taxes Plus LLC, will provide you with numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include real time tracking from any part of the world, cutting costs across the board, and increasing productivity by 40%. Imagine the endless possibilities with virtual accounting. You will create a paperless accounting department which can insure the security of your sensitive documents. Our top notch accountants are a click away to answer any questions you may have.
Our services can include any combination of the following:
  1. Daily bookkeeping – You can simply scan, email or U.S. mail your documents to us. We will input all of your data, reconcile your bank accounts and send you financial state ments and reports daily, monthly or weekly. Our most efficient system will allow you, to scan in all of your documents directly to your personal secured folder for Taxes Plus LLC to process at the push of a button.
  2. Payroll – We can quickly and seamlessly manage and track your payroll and protect sensitive payroll data from employees. This includes providing you with reports and handling necessary filings.
  3. Accounts Receivable – We can prepare invoices and provide aging reports for your review of all outstanding accounts.
  4. Accounts Payable – We can oversee the accounts payable processing and can provide you with an accurate picture of your accounts at all times.
  5. Financial Statements – Daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements are easily produced and available online for download at any time.
  6. CFO On Call – We can have access to your books, which will allow us to answer any questions and provide consultations.
  7. Tax Services – We provide services from tax preparation to answering any of your business or individual tax questions.
Worried that you will not have access to your files while Taxes Plus LLC is processing your documents? With our system you can access the books and print reports or checks in real time from anywhere and at anytime. Our virtual accounting services are user-friendly, custom tailored, and scalable. Clients with a low to high volume of transactions needing the expertise of a professional accounting staff, but not having a physical office and/or those who strategically choose not to engage a full-time staff to perform these financial functions benefit greatly from our accounting services.
Let Taxes Plus LLC be your mobile accounting hard drive!