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Tax Services

Tax time can be extremely stressful for corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals. Let Taxes Plus LLC provide you with the stress relief you both desire and deserve. We have experienced ex-IRS agents and tax professionals who will provide high quality tax services with quick turn-around time.The tax services provided by Taxes Plus LLC can fill the needs of multi-million dollar corporations, families and individuals alike.

Taxes Plus LLC 's tax professionals know the many ins and outs of tax law. Taxes Plus LLC is able to handling all types of tax situations. All of our tax services include a free initial consultation. One of our firm’s partners will contact you immediately to discuss your business or personal tax situation. We will take the time to explain to you in easy to understand terms exactly what we will need from you in order to prepare your taxes. We will apply every legal tax deduction to reduce your tax burden. When we have completed your tax return we will contact you to discuss ways you can continue to reduce your taxes in the future.
Tax Services (Federal and State)
  • Personal Tax Preparation
  • Self-Employment Income
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Partnership Tax Preparation
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Rental Properties
  • Depreciation
  • Estate Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Trust Tax
  • International Tax Law
  • Sales Tax
  • Intangible Tax
  • Foreign Income and Investments
  • Tax Planning
Taxes Plus LLC understands that a large majority of businesses and individuals are directly affected by our economy. As such, we realize some businesses and individuals are preparing their own taxes. We are now offering review packages for a nominal fee. Let Taxes Plus LLC review your work to make sure your tax forms are prepared correctly and the correct tax law has been applied. One little mistake can have the IRS knocking at your door.